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frequently asked questions

Is it true that I won't pay a penny for my book to be sold on Amazon, Apple, Google and Kobo?

Yes, it's absolutely true. Once you have submitted your book and it has been accepted, it will be available for sale, absolutely free, on Amazon, Apple iBook, Goole Play and Kobo.

So how does Spiritus Tremens make money?

The mission of Spiritus Tremens is to help authors make themselves known by selling their books on the internet. For each copy sold or ordered, Spiritus Tremens will take a royalty between $2 and $5. Spiritus Tremens will donate $1 from this royalty to a charity.

How and when will I get paid?

Spiritus Tremens will pay you each month by an email transfer. You will be paid 3 months after the original sale. For example, you will be paid in February for sales made in November.

Why will I get paid 3 months later?

Because our partners pay us three months later. It's as simple as that.

Will my book also be sold in paper format?

Yes, it will. Your book will be sold in paper format on all Amazon sites.

Will I be able to get hard copies of my book?

Yes, you can. You can order any quantity of your book in paper format. All you have to do is request copies. Spiritus Tremens will contact you to let you know how much your order will cost and you will have to pay for it, in advance, by bank transfer by email.

100 pages in 5 x 8 format is how many standard Word pages?

45 pages in standard Word format will give about 100 5x8 pages while 200 Word pages will give about 450 5x8 pages.

What are higher royalties?

The mission of Spiritus Tremens is to help authors make themselves known by selling their books on the internet. After 250 copies sold or ordered, we reduce our royalties by 33%. We will also reduce our royalties by 33% if you order 100 copies within 6 months of the sale of your book.

What percentage of the sale price will I get?

Of course, it depends on several factors since you decide what royalties you want to pocket. For example, on Amazon, the maximum selling price for an e-book is $9.99. By asking for a royalty of $4 per copy sold, that's the price at which your book will be sold. You will therefore make 40% of its selling price, which is gigantic compared to the 10% that a publisher will offer you. For paper books on sale on Amazon, the margin will be lower since Amazon keeps a bigger piece of the pie. For a book of about 300 pages that you want to sell for about $30, you will receive about $7 per copy sold. You will therefore make 23% of its selling price. If you order, by Spiritus Tremens, 20 copies of this 300-page book, it will cost you about 13$, taxes and delivery included. So if you wish to sell it for $25 to your loved ones, at your launch or during various activities, you will pocket nearly 50% of its selling price. Wow!

Will I retain the rights to my books?

Yes, that's right. You retain the rights to your books. You must have exclusive rights to all the books you send us. The same goes for photos or images, unless they are royalty free.

Do you take care of the book covers?

Yes, that's right. When you upload your book, you can choose the color of your cover and even send us a photo, which you have the rights to or which is free of rights, for us to use on the front cover. On the back cover, we will put your author's photo, your biography and the synopsis of the book.

Are you reviewing the book?

No. We don't read your books, we just do a basic layout so that they print properly in 5 x 8 format.

Will my book be available in bookstores?

No. For your book to be available in bookstores, you must have a distributor. Spiritus Tremens does not do business with distributors. You can, on your own, arrange for bookstores to take your book.

Do you promote my books?

Yes, we do a minimum of promotion. We will share your books, when they go on sale, on social media. We'll also share the events you attend. We will also, on occasion, invite you to participate in certain events where Spiritus Tremens will be present.

Will my book be available on Kindle Unlimited?

No. So far, we haven't found a way to make it work yet.

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