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Fondation Gilles Kègle

One of the goals of Spiritus Tremens in publishing stories is to be able to pay it forward. For each copy sold, a donation of $ 1 will be donated to charity.

Fondation Gilles Kègle


If you were entrusted with the mission of making more than 350,000 visits to Gilles Kègledes during your lifetime, you would at first think that this would be impossible. However, this is what the Gilles Kègle Foundation has made possible for the past 35 years. It helps more than 1,500 beneficiaries, 1,300 of whom are elderly people at high risk of mortality because they suffer from diabetes, malnutrition or cancer. The Foundation makes it possible to make more than 800 home visits per week in Quebec City, as well as in the Vanier, Beaupré and Charlesbourg regions. The Foundation goes further than Local Community Service Centres (CLSCs). Thanks to Gilles Kègle and his team of valiant volunteers, the Foundation provides care of the soul by LISTENING to and SECURING people in order to make them autonomous and independent.

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