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One of the goals of Spiritus Tremens in publishing stories is to be able to pay it forward. For each copy sold, a donation of $ 1 will be donated to charity.



A non-profit organization, AutonHommie is a resource centre for men whose mission is twofold: Support for men in difficulty and on the road, Training and research on helping men and on the masculine condition. The counsellors responsible for offering individual or group services are trained in a discipline such as: social work, psychology, psychoeducation, career counselling, psychosociology of communication, sexology, law, etc. They are familiar with the male specificity in representing personal experience and seeking help. They adhere to AutonHommie's intervention framework and code of ethics during coaching and support activities. As a specialized resource in the field of male cannot communicate in French; has an intellectual disability or a limiting neuropsychological problem; has an alcohol or drug abuse problem; is not motivated to seek independent consultation; has a severe personality disorder; is struggling with a problem of violence or serious delinquency or any other problem requiring supervision that AutonHommie cannot provide. Services are offered on an individual or group basis and measures are taken to ensure that support is quickly accessible to men who need it. Translated with (free version)

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