Avec le code de promotion 20PREMIERS, les vingt premiers livres soumis à Spiritus Tremens auront droit aux redevances supérieures immédiatement. 



The amount you pay for your books to be sold on our partners' websites.

Few minutes

The time required to complete your registration and upload your books to our site.

Few weeks

The time required for your book to be on sale once you have submitted it to our team.

Few months

The time required for you to receive your first royalties from the sale of your books.


The amount that Spiritus Tremens will donate to charity for every copy of your books sold

5 x 8

The format, in inches, of your printed books. In this format, your books should be between 100 and 450 pages long. 


The decrease in royalties taken by Spiritus Tremens after 250 copies sold or ordered.


The approximate portion of the sale price, in electronic format, that will be returned to you.

On line

How we communicate. From the creation of your account, through the uploading of your book to the payment.


The type of file we accept. We also accept OpenOffice and LibreOffice formats.

1 à 100

The number of copies you can request per order to sell yourself.

Exclusives Rights

Your obligation. You have and will retain the exclusive rights to anything you send to us.

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