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Maison de thérapie La Vigile

One of the goals of Spiritus Tremens in publishing stories is to be able to pay it forward. For each copy sold, a donation of $ 1 will be donated to charity.

Maison de thérapie La Vigile


La Maison LA VIGILE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accompany women and men who have a problem of alcohol and drug dependency, people who wish to resume healthy lifestyle habits and daily activities and have a better management of their emotions. Our services are particularly intended for people who wear or used to wear the uniform (peace officers, correctional services officers, veterans, military personnel, paramedics, firefighters, 911 dispatchers) and people who work in the helping and caring professions (nurses, care workers of all kinds, doctors, psychologists, social workers) as well as members of their families. To better understand the reality of these trades and their organizational reality, La Vigile has developed an expertise with this type of clientele.

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